Property in Turkey: General information about the market

Property Turkey still holds a strong position, although, from the beginning of 2016, price growth has slowed down. According to the results of the first half of 2016, the average price index for the country grew by almost %15. During the same period, prices in Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, rose by almost %19, in the capital of the country, Ankara, prices rose slightly more than 9%, while in Izmir, Turkey’s third largest city, property prices rose by almost %15.


Also in Istanbul, the maximum growth in construction activity was recorded; from the beginning of the year to July 2016, the number of new buildings grew by more than %15. Izmir and Ankara close the top three with indicators of %12 and 11.5% respectively.

The leader in terms of demand and the rise in prices for property Turkey is Istanbul, but foreigners prefer to buy accommodation in the resort regions.


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